About Us

Our Promises

  • We will make every effort to adhere to your appointment schedule,
  • We respect every individual for who they are (irrespective of their background or previous treatments), and tailor treatments specifically based on patients needs and wishes,
  • We use biocompatible materials (where possible) and safe techniques,
  • We invest into ourselves and our continuous education, as well as innovative clinical technologies,
  • Your appointment will be a very pleasent experience.

Our Philisophy

We are a private dental practice devoted to excellence in our field, and aim to pursue the maximal level of quality in the dental work we do. Our dentists are committed to on-going education, improvement and incorporating better and more modern techniques and technologies. We also regard determing the correct, and patient-specific, diagnosis seriously. Foremost, our dental practice is dedicated to patients, and building trust to ensure that the patient’s needs, desires, and concerns are all addressed and taken into account so that each treatment may be tailored individually.

Your visit at our dental practice will be a pleasant experience, and our dentists will establish an atmosphere where there is no rush, and allocate sufficient time to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe. We respect patients of all ages and types, are family friendly, and work well with children, especially when it is their first visit at the dentist. We believe it is an important hallmark in the life of a child, and requires a professional approach to make sure that the child gains trust, and feels less anxious about any future treatments. Furthermore, we avoid using traditional dental chemicals such as fluoride, and mercury-based amalgam fillings (which we are also able to safely remove and substitute for white fillings), and aim to focus on a patient as a whole. With each diagnosis we factor in life-style choices, as well as take into account previous medical and dental procedures. Our fundamental goal is to preserve and repair native teeth, instead of immediately extracting and substituting them.

We also encourage our patients to be involved with their treatment, and to ask questions throughout their relationship with us. It is important to us that you feel you are able to communicate openly and constructively with us, so that we meet your needs and desires. Whether a patient has a tooth ache, is nervous from treatment, wishes to only have a simple dental consultation, or desires a whole smile makeover, no work is too small for us. We are very passionate about what we do, and take pride in our profession. At KRASNODENT, we hope that from the inception of our ongoing relationship with a patient, the patient will feel inspired with us and will have a unique and pleasant experience.

Our Team