Treatments Offered

  • COMPLETE DENTAL EXAMINATION – a dental exam forms a principle part of preventative healthcare. During a dental exam the dentist will discuss your diet and oral hygiene practices, as well as assess the overall health of the oral cavity and surrounding tissues. The teeth, and gums will be clinically examined, as well as occlusion (the way the teeth fit together when a person bites), and recommendations to visit an orthodontist may be given. X-RAY’s will also be taken to help identify problems that cannot be seen by the eye i.e. hidden tooth decays, root canal infections, bone loss, or cysts. If infections or other problems are found, treatment recommendations, or prescriptions may be given.

  • RESTORATIVE & AESTHETIC DENTISTRY – Restoration aims to rehabilitate and repair tooth structure, physical function and health. Whilst aesthetics tailor the tooth size, colour and shape to the desires of the patient. This includes fabricating dental bridges, crowns, veneers, white fillings, dentures, and dental implants and cosmetic bonding, out of biocompatible (where possible) materials and resins such as dental porcelain, or zirconium, and so on to achieve a smile that is both beautiful and healthy. In some cases, teeth that are beyond repair, or jeopardise the health of the oral cavity have to be extracted. The use of local anaesthetics is also employed during many of the procedures to ensure that the patient is pain-free.

  • DENTAL HYGIENE – includes examining the oral hygiene practices of the patient, as well as taking into account the diet and nutrition of the patient. The health of the oral cavity is assessed i.e. whether there are any dental caries, periodontal diseases, gingivitis, and other factors such as bad breath, or excess plaque due to the improper cleaning of teeth and surrounding gum. The patient is educated on how to properly clean the teeth, as well as how to use a toothbrush and inter-dental brushes. Teeth are then professionally cleaned by the dental hygienist, and calculus is also removed. AIRFLOW® is one of the many cleaning methods used, and consists of using an air-powder mixture and water to pressure clean the teeth surfaces and remove tooth stains and excess plaque.

  • ENDODONTICS (ROOT CANAL TREATMENT) – Involves the removal of the nerve, or other inflamed or infected tissue of the pulp cavity, and its replacement with an inert and biocompatible filling material. This procedure is performed using a dental microscope to achieve reliable, precise and high-quality results.

  • RTG/3D CT X-RAY'S – Intra-oral (i.e. bitewing) and extra-oral x-rays are available to patients as well as a CT panoramic x-ray which displays all the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws on a single image. This can detect emerging teeth, identify impacted teeth, and other problems, and also aid in the diagnosis of cysts and tumours.


  • DENTAL MICROSCOPE – with a dental microscope, various dental and micro-surgical procedures can be performed more accurately and reliably. High-magnifications enable the dentist to see more detail that would be possible with the naked eye alone. This ensures that procedures such as root canal and dental caries treatments are completed thoroughly and correctly. Using the microscope also uses less resources overall, is less invasive, and thus reduces the risk of post-treatment complications, and minimizes the size of wounds.

  • BEYOND® Tooth Whitening – includes lightening teeth, and helping to remove stains, pigmentation, and discolouration. The darkening, or yellowing, of teeth often occurs due to: improper hygiene, the use of certain medications, smoking, or due to food and drinking habits, such as coffee. Beyond® Whitening is a technology we employ to restore the natural colour of teeth. A tooth whitening gel is applied to the surface of the teeth, and its bleaching properties are activated by a specialised light that catalyses the process. The whitening intensity can also be selected based on the patient’s desires. It is safe (as the gums are protected during the procedure) effective and the entire process lasts less than an hour.

  • CADCAM – crowns/fillings etc. tailor made via computer software and automated drilling machines.

  • PLANMECA® CT (3D) and digital X-RAY – established in 1971 in Finland, Planmeca® is a world-leader in dental technology. Our practice uses Planmeca® to ensure maximum comfort and safety for our patients, all the while enabling us to deliver treatment that is of exceptional quality. Our CT and Digital X-RAY Imaging equipment are also Planmeca® to ensure cross-functionality throughout the whole dental practice. Lastly, digital x-rays cause much lower radiation exposure levels.